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Zack Martin Considering Cowboy Holdout: Does He Have A Legitimate Beef??

Zack Martin Considering Cowboy Holdout: Does He Have A Legitimate Beef??

Dallas Cowboys six-time All-Pro guard and team captain, Zack Martin, is one of the best offensive lineman of all-time.

His impact on the Cowboys can never be underestimated and understated.

This is precisely why he is reportedly considering not reporting to training camp due to his dissatisfaction with his current contract and the team’s lack of interest in restructuring it, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

The 32-year-old guard expressed his discontent with his compensation, stating that he feels “woefully underpaid relative to the market”.. This is a statement that is near impossible to argue.

This season, Martin is set to earn approximately $7 million less than the highest-paid guards in the league, namely Chris Lindstrom of the Atlanta Falcons and Quenton Nelson of the Indianapolis Colts, who are both making an average of $20 million.

Despite his undeniable value to the team, it seems the Cowboys are not overly interested in addressing Martin’s contract concerns.

Last season, he received his sixth first-team All-Pro nod, reaffirming his position as one of the league’s most productive players across all positions.

Statistically, Martin’s performance on the field is truly remarkable, maintaining an impressive 96% pass block win rate, which ranks as the eighth-best in the league. Furthermore, his 73.8% run block win rate is nothing short of exceptional.

Reports suggest that there have been some preliminary discussions between the Cowboys and Martin’s representatives about restructuring his current seven-year, $93.41 million deal, which he inked in 2018. However, it appears that these discussions have yet to yield a satisfactory resolution for both parties.

While the Cowboys are keen on securing contract extensions for two other Pro Bowlers, wide receiver CeeDee Lamb and cornerback Trevon Diggs, as well as extending right tackle Terence Steele’s deal after his recovery from a significant knee injury, they are also grappling with the challenge of satisfying Martin’s contract demands.

Throughout his (eventual) Hall of Fame career, Martin has only missed eight games, solidifying his status as one of the league’s most reliable players. He has earned a total of eight Pro Bowl appearances, with only Hall of Famer Larry Allen ahead of him in team history, boasting nine Pro Bowl nods.

Do you think Jerry Jones and the Cowboys should restructure Martin’s contract and give him the pay bump he’s looking for?

How many years do you think he has left at an All-Pro level?

Ironically, Martin’s Madden rating was just announced.. To no surprise, he’s a virtually-perfect 99.



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