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Yankees Outfield Could Look Very Different This Year

Yankees Outfield Could Look Very Different This Year

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone has been mentally tooling with his roster and revealed that Aaron Judge may see a little time in left field this season.

The thought behind the possible move is to be able to play Giancarlo Stanton in right field and free up the DH spot for someone else.

The wheels behind this possible plan are certainly greased by the fact that Aaron Hicks has been such a disaster and can’t be counted on.

The fragile and injury-prone Stanton enjoys playing the outfield and doesn’t want to always be relegated to DH, where he feels less-engaged in the game. 

Captain Aaron Judge made it clear he was flexible and happy to help any way he can…

“I did mention it to (Boone), if we need to get Big G in right field at Yankee Stadium, put me in left,” Judge said. “I don’t mind it. I don’t mind switching around so we can have (Harrison) Bader, me, and Big G out there. So, we’ll get some reps in spring training and get comfortable out there.”

In addition, Boone believes that playing Stanton in the outfield will actually keep him healthy…

“I am of the belief that (Stanton) playing in the outfield is good for his game. But I also think it’s good for his health. Playing the field, when healthy, gives him a better shot at staying healthy.”

The baseball world reacted to the interesting possible tactic by Boone…






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