Yankee Fans Are Pissed That Brian Cashman Is Reportedly Safe No Matter What

Death. Taxes. And Brian Cashman being the Yankees General Manager no matter what.

That certainly seems to be the case, despite well over a decade of failures by the Bronx Bombers. 

The Yankees are at risk of missing the postseason for the first time since 2016. However, Owner Hal Steinbrenner has reportedly reaffirmed his commitment to Cashman, assuring that his job is safe, regardless of how the remainder of the season unfolds.

“The idea (of firing Cashman) isn’t even on the table,” informed sources told Bob Klapisch of NJ.com. “It’s not up for discussion.”

Klapisch continued…

“Despite the mounting pressure, a source familiar with Hal Steinbrenner’s thinking says the owner has already decided one of the two will be back in 2024,” in reference to Cashman and Manager Aaron Boone.

“Boone’s fate is less certain, in part because he has only one year remaining on his contract. That, and the Yankees lackluster play throughout the 2023 season, have left Steinbrenner “deeply frustrated.” according to that same source.

“But unlike his father, who fired Billy Martin multiple times and dismissed Yogi Berra after just 16 games in 1985, the young Boss is loathe to make a managerial change unless absolutely necessary. And even then a sacking isn’t guaranteed.”

Cashman, a stalwart in the organization since 1998, has been the mastermind behind multiple World Series victories, etching his name into the annals of baseball history.

Despite his storied track record, the Yankees find themselves in an unfamiliar and uncomfortable position this season, currently holding a 59-56 record, placing them in the basement of the fiercely competitive American League East.

The team trails the Toronto Blue Jays by 5.5 games in the hunt for the elusive third and final American League wild-card spot, with a run differential of minus-one, the lowest in their division.

The Yankees have endured a tumultuous stretch, marked by setbacks and challenges. One notable incident involved the mishandling of veteran first baseman Anthony Rizzo’s injury.

Rizzo sustained a concussion in a collision with San Diego Padres superstar Fernando Tatis Jr. in late May. Despite voicing concerns about his condition, Rizzo was kept in the lineup, resulting in a prolonged slump for the player and further igniting debates about the team’s decision-making process.

While Cashman has certainly made a lot of great moves during his Yankees tenure, he has more than his fair share of painful misses, which adds to the frustration of the Bombers fan base.

Despite having a perennially-high payroll and the sports’ most prestigious brand, the Yankees haven’t won the World Series since 2009 – and patience is wearing thin. 

Should Cashman’s job be as secure as it is?

Is Steinbrenner being too easy on him?

If George was still alive and in charge, would Cashman still be the Yankees GM?