With The Fisher Family Secured For Eternity, Here Are The TOP 5 Largest Buyouts In CFB HISTORY

Despite eating a record $76 million buyout, Texas A&M felt they could no longer wait for head coach Jimbo Fisher to prove his worth.

The University sent shockwaves through the college football world by firing Fisher, a decision that will see them pay Jimbo nearly $100 million NOT to coach.

With no off-setting clause in the contract, it’s clear that Fisher’s agent (Jimmy Sexton) put on a masterclass in contract negotiation. 

This is what Fisher has to look forward to – and he’s expected to collect every single penny…

The $76 million buyout is more than triple the second-highest in college football history.

In case you are wondering, and I know you are, here are the top-five known buyouts in the crazy world of college football coaching…

#1. Jimbo Fisher: Texas A&M ($76 million)
#2. Gus Malzahn: Auburn ($21.5 million)
#3. Charlie Weis: Notre Dame ($19 million)
#4. Willie Taggert: Florida State ($18 million)
#5. Tom Herman: Texas ($15.4 million)

Needless to say, the reaction to the unprecedented buyout was exactly what you’d think it’d be…

“Texas A&M is expected to fire head coach Jimbo Fisher as early as today, according to
@billyliucci … Fisher has already been paid $44 million for a 45-25 record and will now collect his $76 million buyout at home … Being a fired football coach is the best job in America.”

“DAMNNNN…. And “they” worry about the players getting the amount of money they with their NIL deals, that money is sooo small & insignificant compared to that “you’re fired” money.”

“When I grow up, I want to be a middle of the road College Football Head Coach and collect multi-million dollar buyouts.

“Its crazy, But he truly has done a horrible job there. Probably wish they had Sumlin back. AM thinks they can buy there way to prosperity.”

“Texas A&M CFO right now:”

What a world…

As far as A&M goes, who do you think should be their top target as Fisher’s replacement???