With the Bill Belichick Bashing In Full-Throttle, Has The End Of His Reign Finally Come??

Following the worse two-game stretch of Bill Belichick’s career, many people are wondering if the legendary coach’s days in New England are numbered. 

Sitting in the basement of the AFC East with a miserable 1-4 record, what was once thought to be impossible, now seems like a possibility.

Could Belichick be fired? … Is that even possible?

Can you imagine owner Robert Kraft actually firing (or forcing out) Belichick? … After all Bill’s done for the Patriots.

Some have no problem envisioning it happening … While others still can’t see it. 

Either way, it would be an understatement to say that the Patriots have lost their way following the departure of Tom Brady.

Bill O’Brien was brought in to not only save the offense, but make it thrive … Instead, the unit is performance even worse than it did last year under MATT PATRICIA!

According to Mike Sando of The Athletic, anonymous league executives are coming out of the woodwork to bash Belichick and the Patriots overconfidence. 

“The transition from Brady to where they are at now is such an indictment,” one executive told Sando.

“Their best move is to bring in a young offensive coach with a new GM and start fresh … You let the new offensive coach determine whether Mac (Jones) can be saved.”

“They need real change. They gotta get out of this.”

Belichick himself was asked about his job security on Monday … He responded exactly the way you’d expect him to.

“I’m gonna do the best I can to help our football team,” he generically stated.

In the bigger picture, concerns about the attractiveness of the Patriots coaching staff have surfaced. Another league executive suggested that potential candidates might be wary of joining the team due to perceived limitations on their authority.

“Who would take a job in personnel there and think that they have real power?” the executive told Sando.

“How do you get somebody? I’m wondering if that is why they ended up with Patricia and Judge a year ago, and Bill O’Brien now. Maybe nobody else wanted the jobs,” he wondered.

Clearly, there’s still time for Belichick to turn this whole thing around.

As ugly as it looks right now, Belichick is someone you doubt at your own peril.

Can he get it turned around?

Or are his days indeed numbered?