With Spring Transfer Portal Opening, Lane Kiffin Once Again Bashes The “Poor System” Of CFB “Free Agency” … What Needs To Be Done??

Following the unique Grove Bowl Games on Saturday, Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin took the opportunity to express his discontent with the current state of college football’s spring transfer portal window, labeling it as a “bad” system.

In a statement to reporters, Kiffin voiced his concerns, stating, “We still have one practice Monday, exit meetings with players and stuff and, you know, when free agency opens — but people are already kind of announcing they’re going into it as you see around the country.”

He emphasized, “So it’s just where we are. Like I’ve said before, it probably sounds weird for me because I think we take advantage, and we maximize the system that’s in place as well as anybody. And it’s benefited us as well as anybody around the country. But it’s really a really poor system.”

Kiffin’s comments come amidst a backdrop of changes in NCAA transfer rules, including a December court injunction allowing athletes to transfer multiple times while still retaining eligibility for the 2024 season.

Despite acknowledging that his program has benefited from the system, Kiffin expressed frustration with its flaws.

“And here we go again, guys already announced, and they just got somewhere in January. They’re leaving again already. So, they went and got paid. You know, took up spots and it’s not their fault. It’s not the players fault at all,” Kiffin explained.

He drew parallels between the college football transfer portal and the NFL’s system, suggesting that if the NFL had similar rules, players would also take advantage of them.

“I mean, this is a system that’s created that they’re utilizing in the NFL. [Imagine the NFL had two] windows a year and you could opt in every year or twice a year, guys would do it … So it is what it is.”

From the Kadyn Proctor situation to star players such as Penn State’s KeAndre Lambert-Smith and Oregon State’s Damien Martinez abruptly entering the transfer portal, it’s clear that we’re in the heart of the madness. 

Clearly, something needs to be done. 

Everyone knows that the system as it’s currently structured is not healthy or sustainable in any way, shape or form … But yet nothing has been done. Nothing has been fixed. At least as of now.

Guardrails need to be put in place when it comes to the rules and structure of NIL and the transfer portal.

What are your thoughts on Kiffin’s comments?

What are your suggestions to help get college football back on track?

What exactly needs to be done???