With Rumors Swirling, Alex Cora Makes Decision On His Future

The Boston Red Sox have had a terribly disappointing season.

It was a rollercoaster early on, filled with injuries and inconsistencies – and ultimately failure as another season will go by without a playoff appearance.

The Sox have a whole lot of work to do this offseason. They have plenty of areas to address to get back to being true contenders.

However, one thing has become clear – Manager Alex Cora will remain in charge.

“Where I’m at right now, I turn 48 next year, I got one more year on my contract, let’s see what the future holds. But I feel this is where I belong, in the dugout trying to lead this organization to another championship.”

This commitment from Cora is sure to be a welcome sight for Red Sox fans who have endured a turbulent season.

Most Sox fans support Cora and don’t blame him for their disappointing year.

“I’m good, I’ll be here next year,” Cora said.

What is your opinion on Cora?

What do you think the Red Sox need to do this offseason?