With Hot-Stove Season Underway, Here Are The Top Free-Agents In All Of Baseball

Congratulations to the Texas Rangers on a dominant postseason run.

There are some fans who are more excited about MLB’s hot-stove season than they are about the ACTUAL season.

Luckily for those people, the hot-stove gets fired up today as free-agency officially begins. 

This is a very important offseason for several clubs across the Majors and there are plenty of top-tier players who will be looking for a new home…

Here’s a look at the top 10 free-agents as we officially open the door on free-agency…

#1. Shohei Ohtani, two-way player

(Expected to be interested: Dodgers, Giants, Mets, Red Sox, Yankees, Padres)

#2. Cody Bellinger, CF/1B

(Expected to be interested: Cubs, Yankees, Red Sox)

#3. Matt Chapman, 3B

(Expected to be interested: Yankees, Dodgers, Blue Jays)

#4. Yoshinobu Yamamoto, RHP

(Expected to be interested: Yankees, Mets, Phillies)

#5. Blake Snell, LHP

(Expected to be interested: Phillies, Mets, Yankees)

#6. Aaron Nola, RHP

(Expected to be interested: Phillies, Cardinals, Yankees)

#7. Jordan Montgomery, LHP

(Expected to be interested: Rangers, Yankees, Cardinals)

#8. Lucas Giolito, RHP

(Expected to be interested: Dodgers, Padres, Rays)

#9. Clayton Kershaw, LHP

(Expected to be interested: Dodgers, Rangers)

#10. Josh Hader, LHP

(Expected to be interested: Phillies, Rangers, Diamondbacks)

*** Others of note…

-Eduardo Rodriguez, LHP
-Harrison Bader, CF
-Kevin Kiermaier, CF
-Rhys Hoskins, 1B
-Justin Turner, DH
-J.D. Martinez, DH
-Sonny Gray, RHP
-Jorge Soler, DH
-Joc Pederson, DH
-Tim Anderson, SS

What is your prediction for where the top free-agents will sign?

What do you want your team to do???