WILD REPORT: NFL Legend Earl Thomas Alleged Victim In $1.9 MILLION Scam By Ex-Wife’s Lover

Before his career fizzled out, there was a time when Earl Thomas looked destined to go down as one of the greatest defensive players of all-time.

That didn’t end up happening for a variety of reasons.

Four years removed from playing his last snap, Thomas has found himself mixed-up in some family drama.

It’s well-documented that Thomas had a messy divorce with his ex-wife, Nina.

Now comes the news that Nina’s new boyfriend, 38-year-old Kevin J. Thompson, has been arrested for allegedly stealing Thomas’ identity in a complex $1.9 million scam.

Thompson, a resident of New Orleans, was apprehended by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, accused of a series of offenses that include cashing NFL checks belonging to Thomas, raiding his bank account, and illicitly transferring ownership of multiple vehicles.

According to Nola.com, Thompson is facing a slew of charges including “including identity theft, forgery, money laundering, credit card fraud, computer fraud, and bank fraud.”

The former NFL great, Thomas, was well-known for his illustrious career as a seven-time Pro Bowler, three-time All-Pro, and a Super Bowl champion with the Seattle Seahawks … He retired from football in 2019.

Thompson allegedly used a forged driver’s license featuring his own photo but Thomas’ information to create a fraudulent bank account and transfer auto titles, including one for a Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV, which he brazenly drove to the bank on the day of his arrest.

The accused is said to have transferred titles for “several” vehicles and subsequently sold them. The report indicates uncertainty regarding how Thompson gained “physical possession” of the vehicles.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office revealed that Thomas’ credit union in Texas detected suspicious activity at Jefferson Financial in June, prompting them to notify authorities of the fraudulent account.

Thompson found himself behind bars once again when he attempted to retrieve the Rolls-Royce on June 16, using a different vehicle that had been reported stolen.

Federal investigators have become involved in the case while Thompson is currently out on a $730,000 bond.

Thomas and Nina filed for divorce in 2020.

Their tumultuous relationship made headlines on Christmas Eve of that year when both were involved in an incident in which weapons were brandished during a parking lot argument.

The court subsequently ordered Thomas to stay 400 feet away from Nina, who had accused him of infidelity.