Why Are The Texas Rangers Suddenly Unbeatable??: Because Of The Band CREED Of Course!!

What a scene in was last night in Arlington as the red-hot Texas Rangers swept the 101-win Baltimore Orioles out of the playoffs. 

Who would have thought that a big source of inspiration for the Rangers and their fans is Creed … Yes, the rock band Creed!

Their hit song “With Arms Wide Open” has become a bit of an anthem for Rangers Nation – and it was really cool to see it all play out on the big stage. 

Pitcher Andrew Heaney let the cat out of the bag when he revealed that Creed’s music was the secret ingredient to the team’s recent success.

In response, Globe Life Field’s DJ, Chris Statzer, made sure to pump Creed’s “With Arms Wide Open” through the stadium speakers for everyone to enjoy. 

What ensued was a heartwarming display of unity between the players and the fans. As the lyrics to Creed’s “Higher” flashed across the stadium’s video board, Rangers fans enthusiastically joined in, belting out the lyrics with arms raised high.

It was a surreal moment that seemed to embody the very essence of sports and the camaraderie between players and their fans. 

Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal reported during the broadcast that the Rangers have fully embraced the band’s music, even incorporating it into their daily routine on the team bus and creating special handshakes to go along with the songs.

“If that’s not the most Texas Rangers thing, then I don’t know what is, man,” Statzer said before Game 3. “This team has done some incredible things already. I’m just like, man, it’s always the – for lack of a better word – the weirder things that make things click.”

“That’s what it’s all about, man, having fun and enjoying the game of baseball.”

Pitcher Nathan Eovaldi, after the series-clinching victory, praised the fans for embracing the song as much as the team has.

“We started that in the second half, and I’m glad [the fans] are taking onto it because anytime we can get them more involved with our games, it’s incredible,” Eovaldi said.

Rangers manager Bruce Bochy, however, admitted to reporters on Monday that he wasn’t too familiar with the band’s song catalog but was aware that the team had been playing a lot of Creed’s music.

Considering the Rangers strong performance in the playoffs thus far, the Creed tradition is sure to continue.

With their sweep of the Orioles, the Rangers have earned their first trip to the American League Championship Series since 2011.

Most importantly, they are playing the best baseball of any team in the American League (and possibly the whole damn league for that matter).

What do you think about the Rangers?

Do you think they will win the World Series?

More importantly, what do you think about Creed?!?