“What The Hell Is Going On?!?: Aaron Rodgers Details His Freakish UFO Encounter

Aaron Rodgers is getting set for his New York Jets debut as Gang Green will host Josh Allen and the rival Buffalo Bills tomorrow at MetLife Stadium on Monday Night Football.

Equally as interesting as that matchup is Rodgers’ story of his personal first-hand encounter with a UFO which launched his interest in extraterrestrial phenomena.

During an interview on the season finale of the HBO hit show “Hard Knocks,” Rodgers disclosed the eerie incident that took place in 2005, just before the NFL Draft. At the time, he was staying at a former teammate’s house in New Jersey, which ironically is now his place of residence.

Rodgers recalled the strange events of that night: “I was trying to sleep as I had a 5am wake-up call, but then, I was spooked by an ‘alarm in the distance going off.’ It just didn’t seem like normal, and I heard some rustling downstairs.” According to Rodgers, this prompted him to investigate the source of the disturbance.

“So I got up, walked downstairs, it’s a beautiful night, and [we] walked outside, and up in the clouds, we heard this sound, and we saw this tremendously large object moving through the sky.”

“And it was like a scene out of ‘Independence Day’ when the ships are coming into the atmosphere, and they’re creating this, like, kind of explosion-type fire in the sky,” Rodgers continued, describing the bizarre sight.

“We saw this incredibly large object and froze, as anybody would, because, you know, what the hell is going on? Eventually, it went out of sight, and nobody said a word. We just stood frozen.”

Rodgers then detailed hearing what sounded like fighter jets seemingly chasing the mysterious object. However, despite his startling experience, there was no mention of the incident in the news or any official reports.

“That got me into researching more about UFOs,” Rodgers said, reflecting on how this encounter ignited his fascination with unidentified aerial phenomena. He later discovered that the alarming siren he initially heard was from a nuclear plant located approximately nine miles away.

“And if you know anything about UFOs, there’s a lot of sightings around nuclear energy, around volcanoes, around power plants,” Rodgers explained. “Whatever the hell it was, I don’t know, but it was definitely identified. It was definitely flying. It was definitely a large object.”

Rodgers’ interest in UFOs aligns with his reputation as an inquisitive individual. He has previously spoken about his experiences with the hallucinogen ayahuasca, crediting it with helping him achieve back-to-back MVP seasons in 2020 and 2021.

Additionally, after last season, Rodgers embarked on a darkness retreat to reflect on his future. Initially contemplating retirement, he ultimately decided to continue playing, but he opted to move on from the Green Bay Packers.

This decision of course led to the Packers trading him to the Jets, a franchise that is starving to win and is beyond-the-moon thrilled to have him as their leader. 

What do you make of Rodgers’ UFO story?