What Are The Yankees Going To Do At The Trade Deadline??

The New York Yankees are currently exploring the trade market in anticipation of the upcoming deadline, aiming to strengthen their roster for a playoff push.

However, a recent report from The Athletic has highlighted “important caveats” that could influence the team’s decision-making process.

The Yankees have struggled all season, but their hopes have been boosted by the return of superstar outfielder Aaron Judge.

The road to the playoffs remains challenging as they find themselves trailing by.5 games in the race for the final AL Wild Card spot.

A significant obstacle lies ahead for the Yankees, as they are set to face off against the formidable first-place Orioles this weekend. The outcome of these crucial games against the division leaders could heavily impact the team’s stance towards pursuing trade opportunities.

According to reports, if the Yankees decide to make acquisitions, they have several players in mind. Among the potential targets are Randal Grichuk from the Colorado Rockies, Dylan Carlson of the St. Louis Cardinals, and Cody Bellinger of the Chicago Cubs, all of whom could bring a much-needed offensive boost to the team.

In addition to outfielders, the Yankees are also eyeing Washington Nationals third baseman Jeimer Candelario.

“Candelario’s defensive skills and versatility in the infield make him an attractive option for the Yankees,” noted Jesse Rogers of ESPN. “His addition could provide a solid upgrade to their defensive lineup and add depth to their infield options.”

As the trade deadline approaches, the Yankees are carefully weighing their options and considering the potential impact of each move on their playoff aspirations.

What do you think the Yankees should do?

What would you be willing to trade for a player such as Cody Bellinger?

If they don’t make significant improvements at the deadline, do the Yankees stand any chance of making a legitimate run at the World Series?