WATCH: You May Not Love Him, But No One Gives Speeches Quite Like Nebraska HC Matt Rhule

He has a long ways to go to get the Nebraska Cornhuskers turned around, but one thing is for sure – head coach Matt Rhule sure as hell knows how to give emotional and motivating speeches. 

Prior to Nebraska’s game against Purdue, Rhule addressed the team and spoke of the importance of honoring women affected by breast cancer. 

“As you walk out this tunnel, men, we have a pink ribbon on the back of our helmets. That’s for all the wives, the moms, the sisters that have been affected by breast cancer. It’s even greater than that. It’s a way for us to honor the people in our lives who have fought for us,” Rhule said.

“Because ain’t no one of us here of our own accord. Picking you up, taking you to school, fighting for you. Maybe keeping you away from the hard things in your life. She took it on so that you could just be a kid. They were warriors for you.”

Rhule certainly has his haters – but that was a hell of a speech right there … Well said, all around. 

Needless to say, the Cornhuskers would go on to defeat the Boilermakers 31-14.

Taking a step back, what do you think of Rhule as a head coach?

Will he be able to bring Nebraska back to an elite level???