WATCH: Trailer Released For Netflix’s Fascinating Johnny Manziel & Tebow Gators Docs

The college football world is anxiously awaiting the latest edition of the ultra-anticipated Netflix documentary series “Untold.”

Two episodes, in particular, have garnered significant attention and excitement – and for good reason.

The series will focus on the ups and downs of both Johnny Manziel and the Urban Meyer/Tim Tebow-era Florida Gators.

The first episode, titled “Johnny Football,” is set to debut on August 8th. It showcases the life and career of former Texas A&M quarterback, Johnny Manziel.

What makes this episode all the more intriguing is that Manziel himself actively participated in the making of the film. Audiences can expect a no-holds-barred account of his on-field achievements and off-field escapades.

Regarding his involvement in the documentary, Manziel stated: “I wanted to be part of this project to share my story, the good and the bad. It’s a chance for people to see the real journey and learn from it.”

On August 22nd, the second college football-centered episode, “Swamp Kings,” will take center stage.

This episode will narrate the fascinating tale of the Meyer/Tebow-era Florida Gators. Both Meyer and Tebow participated in the documentary, offering unique insights into their successful reign and the challenges they faced.

Meyer remarked: “Coaching the Florida Gators during that time was a rollercoaster ride of emotions, triumphs, and difficulties. ‘Swamp Kings’ allows us to reflect on those moments and provide an authentic narrative.”

The documentary will not shy away from exploring the Gators off-field incidents during the period when they clinched two national championships in three seasons. This candid approach is likely to provide viewers with a comprehensive understanding of the team’s journey and the complexities they encountered.

Apart from the college football episodes, “Untold” has more in store for its audience. On August 1st, “Jake Paul the Problem Child” will shed light on the transformation of the YouTube sensation into a professional boxer, offering an inside look into his life and career.

Additionally, on August 15th, “Hall of Shame” will tackle the issue of performance-enhancing-drug use in sports, an ever-relevant subject that sparks numerous debates in the sports world.

“Untold” is not new to the world of gripping sports documentaries. In 2021 and 2022, the series produced four-part episodes that captivated viewers worldwide. These included episodes covering the infamous “Malice at the Palace” brawl between the NBA’s Detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers in 2004, and the emotional saga of former Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o.

Which episode are you more excited for – Manziel or the Gators?

Either way, both should be absolutely outstanding.