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WATCH: Top Recruit Drops Arguably The Best Commitment Video Ever

WATCH: Top Recruit Drops Arguably The Best Commitment Video Ever
(Credit: 247sports.com)

In a creative and memorable twist, 2024 star wide receiver Kwazi Gilmer has raised the bar for commitment videos with a shot-for-shot recreation of a classic Nike commercial.

The highly anticipated announcement revealed Gilmer’s decision to commit to UCLA, cementing his place in the Bruins 2024 class.

However, he took us on a funny and creative ride to reach that decision. 

Gilmer’s commitment video pays homage to an iconic Nike commercial from LeBron James’ early career, wherein James portrayed multiple members of his family, collectively known as “The LeBrons.”

Gilmer’s production mirrors the original advertisement’s concept, replacing family members with different versions of himself, each representing a college he considered attending.

The climax of Gilmer’s video showcases him donning an all-white suit and wig before executing a backflip into a pool, submerging himself underwater.

The scene transitions to an underwater shot of a UCLA logo, signaling his decision to commit to the Bruins.

The original Nike commercial was part of a series that aired before the 2006-2007 NBA season, during James’ fourth season in the league with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The poolside installment marked the culmination of the series, making it a fitting backdrop for Gilmer’s commitment video.

Among the universities competing for Gilmer’s commitment were Oklahoma, Michigan State, Washington, Stanford, and California.

However, the Sierra Canyon product ultimately found a strong sense of comfort and connection at UCLA.

In an interview with 247Sports’ Greg Biggins, Gilmer shared his sentiments about his decision.

“There were a lot of things I liked about UCLA,” Gilmer expressed. “I’ve been there several times and have a really strong comfort level at the school and with the coaches. Jerry Neuheisel (WR coach), that’s my guy and we’re really close.”

“He’s actually the reason why I waited until the 11th to make my commitment. When he played, he wore No. 11 so I thought it would be cool to commit on that day for him.”

As a four-star recruit, Gilmer’s commitment adds significant strength to the Bruins 2024 class.

These “commitment videos” aren’t for everyone (especially me).. However, this one was well-executed, and Gilmer deserves credit. 

Is this the best commitment video you’ve ever seen? 



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