WATCH: The Usually-Shy Jared Goff Takes Surprising Shot At Detroit … Is He Becoming Just A Little Too Comfortable?? 

As Detroit loves to point out, we are in the age of the “BRAND-NEW LIONS.”

Long looked upon as a cursed franchise who could never seem to get out of their own way, the feelings and vibes are the complete opposite these days in Detroit.

That’s thanks in large part to head coach Dan Campbell and quarterback Jared Goff.

Speaking of Goff, he made some very interesting comments while appearing on the “Trading Cards” podcast hosted by Robbie and Will McInerny,

Goff expressed frustration with what he perceives as a lingering focus on past failures by the local Detroit media. 

“I have this like, I probably need to drop it pretty soon here because I’m hopefully gonna be in Detroit for a long time, but I have this thing with our local media where like they almost like relish in negativity at times,” Goff said.

“And maybe that’s what gets clicks and that’s what sells, but it’s no longer what they need to live in.”

“Like, hey guys, we have a good team. We’ve had success. We can be happy about that, we can celebrate that and not have to write about how we’re constantly the underdog,” Goff added.

“No, teams are gonna be gunning for us now. We won the division and all that. I’m probably overthinking it in my head and it’s the chip on my shoulder and the competitor in me.”

Goff’s point of view makes perfect sense. Yes, the Lions have become legitimate Super Bowl contenders, and the entire league now takes them seriously.

However, you can’t blame a portion of Detroit for not understanding how to embrace the team’s new standing in the NFL quite yet. 

After all, the locals have been traumatized for decades. And let’s be honest, it’s hard to shake the whole “us against the world” mentality. 

Goff’s comments follow a viral exchange where he questioned the emphasis on the talent of opposing teams rather than celebrating the Lions own strengths.

“Why do we gotta talk about how good their players are? Talk about how good our players are,” Goff recalled from the exchange.

Despite his critique, Goff clarified that he maintains a positive relationship with the Detroit media and said his remarks were intended in good humor.

Reflecting on his career, he described the trade to Detroit as a turning point.

“In hindsight, it’s the greatest thing to ever happen to me, for my career and my development as a human,” he remarked.

One thing is for sure, Goff has been playing at a Pro Bowl level in Detroit and the Lions are contenders because of it.

It’s clear how much Campbell and the entire team loves him. It will come as no surprise when the two sides inevitably work out a long-term contract extension. 

What are your thoughts on Goff’s comments?

Of course, he’s just about as non-controversial as they come. He said everything with a touch of humor. Although there certainly is an underlying message there.

Is it time for Detroit to start looking at the Lions in a more positive light???

Is 2024 the year Goff and the Lions FINALLY break through and make it to the Super Bowl? … And dare I say win it???