WATCH: The One & Only PETE ROSE Chimes In On The Shohei Ohtani Scandal … Should He Be In The Hall Of Fame??

Shohei Ohtani met the media yesterday for the first time in an official capacity since news broke of the gambling scandal involving his now-former interpreter Ippei Mizuhara.

Unfortunately, the media session was a one-way street as Ohtani refused to answer any questions and instead spoke from a written and well-prepared statement.

“I never bet on baseball or any other sports and have never asked someone to do so on my behalf and have never bet through a bookmaker,” Ohtani said through his new interpreter.

“Until a couple of days ago, I didn’t know this was happening … Ippei has stolen money from my account and told lies.”

“I didn’t know that Ippei [Mizuhara] had a gambling addiction and was in debt. Obviously, I never agreed to pay off the debt or make payments to the bookmaker,” he added.

“In conclusion, I want to say I have never bet on sports or used a bookmaker. I am beyond shocked. It’s really hard to verbalize how I’m feeling at this point. The season is gonna start so will let my lawyers handle matters from here on out.”

There is plenty of speculation about Ohtani’s possible involvement in the scandal. 

While it’s important to note that Ohtani isn’t being accused of anything illegal at this time (and any rumor suggesting so is unconfirmed), it’s hard to ignore all of the holes in his story, let alone all the flip-flopping that’s taken place. 

Regardless, he is claiming that he is the victim in the matter and that he had no knowledge of Mizuhara’s gambling debts, nor did he make any payments to the illegal bookmaker in question.

Ohtani will seemingly try his best to take the “my lawyers will handle it” approach from here on out. 

Investigations will take place from multiple angles, and there will surely be more developments to come. 

However, no discussion of sports gambling can be complete without the one and only Pete Rose chiming in…

“Back in the 70’s and 80’s, I wish I had an interpreter. I’d be scot-free!” Rose said in a video posted on social media. 

Of course, Rose is referencing his own gambling scandal which to this day has kept him out of the Baseball Hall of Fame despite being the game’s all-time hit leader. 

Rose has estimated that his ban from the sport has cost him upwards of $100 million in potential earnings. 

What are your thoughts on the ugly Ohtani scandal?

Do you believe his story that he had no knowledge or involvement in the situation?

Do you have faith that Rob Manfred and Major League Baseball will do a thorough and complete investigation into the matter?

As for Rose, do you think he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame???