WATCH: The LOUDEST Home Run Of All-Time!

Spring training is well underway and there are plenty of new faces on new teams.

One of those is first baseman Josh Bell who just signed a two-year, $33 million deal with the Cleveland Guardians.

Bell has always been a dangerous slugger, and he sure showed Cleveland that when he blasted his first home run of spring training.

But this wasn’t just any home run – this was the best sounding home run of all-time.

And no, that is NOT an exaggeration.

Take a listen for yourself…

The baseball world reacted to the majestic sound on social media…

“Wow, the most beautiful sound is back. You gotta love it.”

“good lord the sound that thing made off his bat.”

Watching Josh Bell’s homer over and over again, I knew that the sound off the bat sounded familiar…”

“My Gawd Josh… that ball had a family”

“Had an interesting cartoon-like sound to it.”

“Is the in-game audio just off? I’ve never heard a ball sound like that lol.”