WATCH: Tennessee Fan Rushes The Field, Gets Banned For Three Years: Was It Worth It??

A Tennessee Volunteers fan has found himself in hot water after a daring field storming incident during last Saturday’s game against the Florida Gators at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.

The fan, identified as John Duggan, willingly surrendered to authorities and has now been banned from The Swamp for three years.

The dramatic incident occurred in the midst of Tennessee’s heartbreaking loss to the Gators.

“I gave myself up, I kept telling myself I’m only doing this for fun and for the fans, so I don’t want to do anything to get myself into serious trouble,” Duggan told OutKick.

“As soon as the cops got in front of me, I stopped and put my hands behind my back myself. I knew my fate,”

Although Duggan’s intentions may have been rooted in passion and camaraderie, his actions came with consequences. Local authorities swiftly intervened, apprehending him on charges of criminal trespassing.

Duggan was booked into the Alachua County jail in the Gainesville area, facing the legal repercussions of his field storming escapade.

As reported by OutKick, the University of Florida handed down a stringent punishment in the form of a three-year ban from attending any events at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, commonly known as The Swamp.

What do you think of Florida’s punishment?

Too harsh? Too light? Just right?