WATCH: Split-Tongue Woman Licks Antonio Brown’s Finger As He Admits He Has CTE 

Former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown just can’t stay out of the news cycle these days.

Most of the time, his name circulates because of something despicable he’s done. This time, however, it’s for a more interesting reason. 

He’s one of the harder people to believe these days. But if you choose to believe him, he admitted that he has CTE – something that has long been suspected, ever since the vicious hit that Vontaze Burfict laid on him. 

Besides this revelation, Brown also decided to post a video of a woman with a split-tongue licking his diamond-encrusted finger.

In the caption of video, Brown wrote: “She know I got CTE that’s why she licking me……..”

That’s some pretty impressive bling that AB has.. Ironically, he’s being sued by a jewelry dealer for allegedly not paying back his debt (something that is a reoccurring theme in his life).

What are your thoughts on Antonio Brown?

The shame is he was once a very special player.. If only he was able to keep his head on straight.