WATCH: Shocking Details Emerge As Cam Newton Gets Into MASSIVE BRAWL At Youth Event … How Did He Keep His Hat On??

Former NFL quarterback Cam Newton found himself in the midst of a brawl during a 7-on-7 football event over the weekend, with footage of the altercation quickly circulating on social media.

The incident reportedly took place at the exclusive “We Ball Sports” 7v7 tournament in Atlanta, an invitation-only event.

Video footage captured the brawl, showing Newton engaged with multiple individuals from TopShelf Performance, a team participating in the tournament alongside Newton’s own “C1N” team.

The scuffle began under a tent before moving to a tree-covered area, where Newton appeared to maintain control throughout the altercation.

In the video, he is seen fending off multiple opponents, even managing to put one individual in a headlock.

At one point, a man in a white shirt is seen charging in to throw a punch, though it’s unclear if he made contact with Newton or another party involved.

Security personnel and a uniformed police officer eventually intervened to break up the altercation.

The cause of the brawl remains unknown, but speculation suggests it may have been related to a social media post by Newton and TopShelf Performance’s general manager, Steph Brown.

TopShelf Performance is a prominent national 18U 7-on-7 football program known for training receivers at various levels of play.

Despite the incident gaining widespread attention, neither Newton, TopShelf Performance, We Ball Sports, nor local law enforcement have issued public statements regarding the altercation.

The former first-overall draft pick played 11-seasons in the NFL, mostly with the Carolina Panthers.

He won the NFL MVP in 2015 when he led the Panthers to the Super Bowl.

Ironically, Newton showed more heart in this fight than he did in that Super Bowl when he refused to dive for his loose ball fumble which effectively ended Carolina’s season. 

Newton would go on to spend the 2020 season with the New England Patriots before returning to Carolina in 2021.

He has made it clear that he still wishes to play (under the right circumstances). However, to this point, no team has shown any interest in signing him and it’s likely his career is over.

What are your thoughts on Newton’s scuffle in Atlanta?

Are you more impressed that he fought off multiple men or that he managed to keep his hat on the entire time?

What is your take on Newton’s career as a whole? … Do you think the pounding he took prevented him from becoming the level of player he could have been???