WATCH: Sean Payton Gets Called “Totally Disrespectful,” Then Blows Up On Reporter In Postgame

The biggest headline yesterday was the total ass-whooping the Miami Dolphins put on the Denver Broncos. 

The 70 points they dropped on Sean Payton’s Broncos was the most scored in an NFL game since 1966.

The Chicago Bears are the biggest mess in the league – but the Broncos aren’t too far behind. It’s clear that Payton has a whole lot of work to do. Russell Wilson is far from the only problem in Denver.

Speaking of Wilson, Payton used all of his players in the game except for backup quarterback Jarrett Stidham – meaning that Wilson took every snap for the Broncos despite the massively lopsided score. 

That didn’t sit well with Dolphins cornerback Xavien Howard…

“That was totally disrespectful … That man did a lot for this game. They’ve got to do better on that side. You can’t be leaving guys like that out there,” Howard said. 

For what it’s worth, Howard’s opinion means absolutely nothing. Wilson clearly needs all the reps he can get as he attempts to save his career and get back to being the player he once was.

Payton doesn’t deserve any criticism for continuing to play Wilson – and you can bet that Wilson himself has no problem with playing the whole game.

For the game, Wilson was 23 of 38 for 306 yards with one touchdown and one interception. 

On the young season, he’s thrown for 791 yards, six touchdowns and two interceptions with a 65.4% completion percentage. Not terrible numbers, but they are a tad deceiving, and he still is far from the player he once was in Seattle. 

Now sitting at 0-3, frustration is ratcheting up by the second – as evidence by Payton’s testy exchange with a reporter during his postgame press conference…

What are your thoughts on the disaster in Denver?

Will Payton be able to turn things around eventually?

If so, how long will it take him?