WATCH: Robert Griffin III Sparks Outrage With Disrespect Of Tom Brady As Patrick Mahomes Gets Pulled Into The Mess … But Is RG3 Right??

Former Pro Bowl quarterback turned NFL analyst, Robert Griffin III, sparked heated debate with his bold proclamation concerning Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady.

Many people consider Mahomes to be the best current quarterback – if not player – in the entire league.

Well, RGIII, who’s well-known for his “hot takes” has taken it a step further with his latest statement.

Speaking on his “RG3 and The Ones” podcast, the controversial analyst stated his belief that Mahomes can make history in more ways than one this coming season.

“If Mahomes can pull that off and win three Super Bowls in a row, I honestly think you can make the argument that he’s the greatest quarterback of all time,” Griffin said.

“The dominance that Patrick Mahomes has shown with Andy Reid and that group is worth mentioning about him being the greatest of all time. He’s already the second greatest quarterback of all time, in such a short span.

“If he can win three in a row, I think he will surpass Tom Brady and be the greatest quarterback ever … He’s already the most talented one we’ve ever seen.”

There’s a lot to unpack here…

First of all, there’s no denying Mahomes’ brilliance. He’s already an all-time great player and a sure lock for the Hall of Fame unless something catastrophic happens within the next few seasons.

However, to state so confidently that if Mahomes wins another Super Bowl next year he’ll automatically pass Brady is quite an arguable statement to make.

Even though he just retired so recently, it’s almost like people are already forgetting just how truly special Brady was…

Also, to say that Mahomes is already the “most talented” player in NFL history is quite a bold claim.

However, if we’re talking about pure natural talent, there’s certainly an argument to be made.

Again, there’s no downplaying Mahomes’ greatness. And what makes him extra-special is the attitude, leadership skills and work-ethic he has to go along with all of that natural talent.

Of course, we’re in the content business and “hot takes” produce numbers.

In other words, where’s the fun in waiting until Mahomes’ career is over to have the always-popular GOAT debate???

Mahomes will turn 29-years-old at the start of the coming season.

He already has three Super Bowls under his belt with what figures to be at least another decade ahead of him.

Brady finished his legendary career with seven Super Bowl titles. Interestingly, he won four of those after the age of 37.

What are your thoughts on RGIII’s comments?

Do you think Mahomes will pass Brady in the GOAT debate if he wins another Super Bowl next season?

As for Griffin’s other point – do you agree with him that Mahomes is already the most “talented” player to ever touch a football?

When it’s all said and done, how many Lombardi’s will Mahomes end his career with? … Will he top Brady’s seven???