WATCH: Rob Gronkowski Has Radical Suggestion For Mac Jones & Patriots

Former tight end Rob Gronkowski has publicly expressed his belief that current New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones should request his release from the struggling team.

The 2-8 Patriots are one of the most disappointing teams in all of football.

Many feel that Jones is not in New England’s future plans … Amazingly, legendary head coach Bill Belichick may not be either. 

Speaking to Kay Adams on her “Up & Adams” show, Gronk discussed Jones’ tricky situation. 

“I think Mac Jones should ultimately just go and ask for his release,” he said. “Ask for his release and then he should go sign with the Cleveland Browns and start a new career right there.”

Gronkowski’s suggestion comes at a time when the Cleveland Browns are grappling with the loss of their starting quarterback, Deshaun Watson, who suffered a season-ending shoulder injury.

Jones, a former first-round pick, has faced criticism for his performance this season, contributing to the Patriots struggles.

There are reports that “80% of the locker room” is done with Jones as the starter.

In 10 games, he has completed 65.4 percent of his passes for 2,031 yards and 10 touchdowns, but he has also thrown 10 interceptions.

In the Patriots most recent game against the Indianapolis Colts in Germany, Jones threw one of the worst picks you’ll ever see.

Despite his current challenges, Jones found immediate success with the Patriots in 2021, earning a Pro Bowl selection.

However, Gronk suggests that a change may be best for both Jones and the team.

After all, the Patriots will most likely have a very high pick in the coming draft. As we all know, it’s expected to be one of the best quarterback drafts in a long time.

New England could very well draft a quarterback and start over.

Meanwhile, Gronk’s suggestion is an interesting one. Jones is not a bad quarterback and has, in many ways, been set up to fail in New England.

If you drop him into a capable offense with capable weapons, it would be night-and-day for Jones. (Imagine him quarterbacking the 49ers???)

It may be very far-fetched, but picturing Jones in Cleveland, playing behind that offense line and surrounding talent is a very interesting thought. 

Unfortunately for Gronk and the day-dreamers, it’s very hard to envision this scenario actually happening for several reasons. 

What do you think will end up happening with Jones?

For that matter, what will end up happening with Belichick?