WATCH: Respected Hall Of Fame QB Pushes Serious Panic Button Over Drake Maye … How Far Will He Fall??

Needless to say, North Carolina quarterback Drake Maye is one of the most fascinating prospects in the upcoming NFL Draft. 

Most evaluators feel he checks the vast majority of the boxes and his strongest supporters project him to be a mix of Justin Herbert and Josh Allen.

However, one Hall of Fame quarterback is a little leery over Maye and what exactly his potential is. 

The one and only Kurt Warner joined The Pat McAfee Show to discuss Maye and made it clear that sometimes the “easy” things don’t come all that easy to him.

“He misses too many, what I call, layups,” Warner said. “When you get to the NFL, you gotta make your layups. You gotta make the layups 99 percent of the time.”

“The reads you’re supposed to make that are easy reads…the throws you’re supposed to make…and he misses too many of those.”

“The guys that make the layups give their team a chance to win every time out … That’s what the best quarterbacks in the league do,” Warner added. 

The natural ability is crystal clear with Maye. Whether it’s his arm or athleticism, he is clearly a special talent.

He is also as unselfish and ego-less as you can get. Coaches and teammates have said nothing but great things about his attitude and work ethic. 

That certainly counts for something – especially when you have the talent to go along with it. 

As is often the case with quarterbacks from “smaller” programs, Maye had to overcome a lot of obstacles. 

He didn’t have a great offensive line or extraordinary skill players. He had to in many ways put the Tar Heels on his back and carry the load. 

Despite Warner’s concerns, there are several teams at the top of the draft who would love Maye. 

Washington is keeping a close eye on him. Meanwhile, he’s set to visit the New England Patriots today. 

It’s hard to envision Maye slipping past the top three. If he does, a team like the New York Giants would potentially be eager to trade up a few spots (from #6) and snag him. 

What are your thoughts on Maye as a prospect?

Where do you rank him among the top quarterbacks in the draft?

At the end of the day, where do you think he will land???