WATCH: Patrick Mahomes Frightens Football World By Perfectly Predicting Broncos TD Drive

Last night provided us with one of the best Monday Night Football games of the season.

The Denver Broncos stunning 24-22 upset over the Buffalo Bills was hardly the only impressive storyline of the evening.

Appearing on the popular “ManningCast,” Kansas City Chiefs quarterback joined Eli and Peyton for what was an entertaining interview. covering everything from football to Travis Kelce & Taylor Swift to underwear (that’s correct).

What captured the attention of the football world most was Mahomes’ masterfully accurate prediction of Denver’s second quarter touchdown drive. 

The Manning brothers asked Mahomes to make a forecast to earn a spot on their “Perfect Prediction Panel.”

Rather than opting for a generic player or play type, Mahomes went a step further, predicting a specific sequence of plays … He foresaw the Broncos running the ball twice before executing a scoring play with a play-action pass to the end zone. 

Denver followed Mahomes’ prediction to a T. The Broncos ran the ball on first and second down before sealing the deal with a Russell Wilson touchdown pass to Courtland Sutton (what an unbelievable catch and toe-drag!)

Full disclosure, Mahomes fell just short of a perfect prediction. While he called for a play-action strike on third-and-short, Wilson threw a four-yard pass to Sutton.

The touchdown came on fourth down and was initially ruled an incomplete pass before being reversed, as replayed showed that Sutton amazingly managed to drag both feet in the corner of the end zone.

While it’s hardly the most impressive thing we’ve ever seen, it goes to show you that top-level quarterbacks are often on a different level when it comes to preparation and football IQ.

Tony Romo was so accurate predicting plays that CBS told him to knock it off since viewers were sick of all the spoilers.

As far as the game goes, what a great job by Sean Payton and the Broncos.

On the other hand, the Bills just cannot get out of their own way … They are clearly one of the most talented teams in the league – but talent means nothing if you turn the ball over 30 times a game.

Will the Bills even make the playoffs???