WATCH: Pat McAfee Tells Georgia Fans To “GO TO HELL!!” … Is His Time On GameDay Coming To An End??

In a fiery response on Tuesday’s episode of “First Take,” Pat McAfee addressed Georgia fans who have pointed fingers at him for the recent massive layoffs at ESPN.

The former punter did not mince words, telling disgruntled fans to “go to hell” as he defended himself against accusations tied to the departure of former Bulldogs star David Pollack.

McAfee’s rant was sparked by the fallout from a controversial move during last Saturday’s College GameDay show, where he played a prank on Georgia fans.

After pumping up the Bulldogs, McAfee surprised everyone by picking the Alabama Crimson Tide to knock off Georgia in the SEC Championship Game.

“I was very nice to them, I was very cordial to them, but in the biggest moment, in front of them all, it was a nice little reminder that hey, yeah, you can go to hell too for what you said to me all year,” McAfee said. 

The roots of the controversy trace back to McAfee’s high-profile move from FanDuel to ESPN earlier this year.

The transition occurred just before ESPN announced massive layoffs, prompting some to connect the dots between McAfee’s arrival and the clear-out of certain personalities – including the beloved Pollack. 

Pollack, who McAfee replaced (full-time) on College GameDay, became a focal point for discontent among Georgia fans.

“The whole narrative all year was that because my show came to ESPN, obviously we fired Steve Young, we fired all the people that were here and were great people at ESPN and it was my show’s fault,” McAfee said.

“Then on GameDay, David Pollack got let go … David Pollack, who I am a massive fan of, one of the greatest Bulldogs of all time, a dude who was very good to me, obviously I took his spot. So, Georgia fans all year not necessarily the biggest McAfee fans.”

The tension came to a head during Saturday’s GameDay show, where McAfee, in a clever twist, sang a Georgia chant before revealing his game pick of the Tide.

“Give me Alabama to break all of your hearts,” McAfee shouted. 

What are your thoughts on McAfee?

Do you like his act – or does his personality rub you the wrong way?

Would GameDay be better off without him???

(Answer: No, it wouldn’t – and the ratings prove that!)