WATCH: One Of The Greatest Coaches Of All-Time Gives Unbelievable Praise To THIS Big Ten Coach … Bright Days Ahead??

Speaking to reporters at the NFL scouting combine, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid expressed extreme confidence in Eric Bieniemy’s ability to excel in his new role as offensive coordinator at UCLA.

“I’m a big believer in Eric being great wherever he goes,” Reid affirmed. “Whatever he does, he’s going to be good at.”

Reid and Bieniemy forged a strong coaching partnership over a decade with the Kansas City Chiefs, with Bieniemy serving as offensive coordinator for the last five seasons.

However, Bieniemy departed last year to assume the same position with the Washington Commanders.

His stint in Washington ended after just one season when the team parted ways with head coach Ron Rivera.

Reflecting on Bieniemy’s impact during his tenure with the Commanders, Reid remarked: “He did that at Washington. He helped change a culture there that they’ll build on. He’s going to demand greatness out of you, and he’ll do the same thing at UCLA. He will do a great job. He’s in charge.”

(Reid may be being a little generous with those Washington compliments.)

Reid emphasized Bieniemy’s familiarity with UCLA’s landscape, noting his previous experience with the program.

He also hinted at the possibility of Bieniemy eventually pursuing a head coaching role in college football.

“He’s got an opportunity here to do his thing on offense and he knows the landscape. He’s been at UCLA before and maybe [he’ll be] a head coach at the college level [someday],” Reid said.

“I thought he should be a head coach [in the NFL]. But if it doesn’t happen, maybe he has that opportunity there to do it … I’m a big fan.”

What are your thoughts on UCLA’s hire of Bieniemy?

How will the Bruins fare in the Big Ten? (That’s going to take some getting to, isn’t it?)

Do you think Bieniemy will eventually get a crack at being a head coach? … If so, would he be better off in college or the NFL???