WATCH: Mike McDaniel Sheds Ugly Light On Nightmare Johnny Manziel Era In Cleveland

Texas A&M Aggies football star Johnny Manziel’s rise to fame on the college field was nothing short of spectacular.

His outstanding performance in the 2012 season, culminating in an 11-2 record and a resounding victory over the Oklahoma Sooners in the Cotton Bowl, solidified his status as a legend in Aggies history.

Manziel became the first-ever freshman to win the coveted Heisman Trophy.

However, his journey to professional success was marred with obstacles that ultimately led to his label as one of the NFL’s most disappointing busts.

Miami Dolphins head coach, Mike McDaniel, who was an assistant in Cleveland during Manziel’s time with the Browns, recently shed light on the concerns surrounding Manziel’s suitability for the NFL.

“I tried to stay in my lane at that time. It was kind of a hairy situation,” McDaniel confessed in a recent episode of The Pivot Podcast. “We knew what it was, and at that time, it was more like ‘See.’ That was a wild time there.”

Echoing the doubts about Manziel’s commitment, the former quarterback himself admitted to neglecting essential film study during his professional stint.

In the documentary ‘Untold: Johnny Football,’ Manziel revealed, “Zero,” when asked about the time he spent analyzing game footage.

Corroborating this revelation, McDaniel emphasized, “I was there, and I was getting the reports of zero. That is real.”

Manziel acknowledged that during his time in the NFL, he was more engrossed in the party lifestyle, diverting his focus from the sport that once defined him.

“It wouldn’t have mattered where I was at, what team, wherever I was at that point in time in my life, I was incapable of being a good NFL quarterback,” Manziel confessed.

“When you get to that point and you get to that time, you’re supposed to know better… But, when it came down to it, I was a frat boy, and my frat was the football team.”

How about Mike McDaniel and Kyle Shanahan on the same staff!

Even they couldn’t fix Johnny Football.