WATCH: Mark Andrews Body-Slams Cornerback During Scuffle-Filled Ravens-Commanders Joint Practice

Joint practices are becoming more and more common in NFL training camps. 

Some coaches even think they are more useful and effective to evaluate players than actually preseason games.

Regardless, if two teams have a joint practice and there is NOT a fight, then it’s time to worry about both of those teams.  

Luckily for Baltimore Ravens and Washington Commanders fans, that was not the case during their joint practice yesterday.

Tempers flared throughout the practice as both teams engaged in a skirmishes.

One of the bigger ones was ignited by Ravens wide receiver Tylan Wallace and Commanders rookie cornerback Emmanuel Forbes.

The feisty scene quickly escalated. Pushing and shoving ensued after the whistle blew. Verbal jabs were thrown between both teams.

Then taking center stage was Ravens star tight end Mark Andrews as he body-slammed Washington cornerback Danny Johnson. 

Ultimately the teams were able to calm down and get back to work.

They may not publicly admit it, but it’s safe to say John Harbaugh and Kevin Stefanski weren’t too upset about the flare-ups. 

I think I speak for all of us when I say the season can’t get here soon enough.