WATCH: Major SEC Program Caught Watching CHRISTMAS MOVIE At Halftime Of Embarrassing Blowout

You know you’ve hit rock bottom as a college football program when you’re caught watching an animated children’s movie in the middle of a game.

That’s precisely what happened to the Arkansas Razorbacks this past Saturday.

While trailing Auburn 27-3 at halftime, locker room footage caught players watching THE POLAR EXPRESS on television. 

Not surprising, Arkansas would go on to be blown out by the Tigers 48-10.

In an attempt to address the situation, a team representative clarified that the video originated from the redshirt players’ locker room, which is separate from the main locker room.

“The video of Arkansas players watching the Polar Express on TV during the Auburn game came from the redshirt locker room, which is not attached to the main locker room,” reported Mason Choate.

Despite being on the hot-seat, head coach Sam Pittman expressed confidence in his position during the postgame press conference.

Arkansas dropped to a 3-7 record for the season, but Pittman remained steadfast with his focus and commitment to the players.

“I’m not (concerned), and let me say why – Because it’s never been about me being the head coach, it’s been about me and these kids … To answer your question, no I’m not.”

As far as the bizarre Polar Express incident?…

Needless to say, having an animated children’s film on at halftime is an awful look.

There’s absolutely no way around it.

What’s the worst halftime act you can think of???