WATCH: If You Love Seeing Laziness Punished, Luis Medina Has The Ultimate Gift For You!

Anyone who follows baseball in the slightest knows that 2023 hasn’t been too kind to the Oakland Athletics.

Nothing sums up their disastrous season better than what happened in their game against the Washington Nationals on Saturday.

During the second inning, starting pitcher Luis Medina unleashed a blazing 100 mph fastball to Washington shortstop, Illdemaro Vargas.

The only thing better than showing off the impressive heat was his slick snag of the comebacker hit right back to him.

So far, so good, right?

Unfortunately, Medina forgot that he actually had to record the out.

The 24-year-old pitcher, who once was a promising prospect for the New York Yankees, lazily jogged towards first base – allowing Vargas to sprint up the line and beat him to the bag.

“What is [Medina] thinking? He didn’t even touch the bag, he didn’t throw it to [Tyler] Soderstrom, and I must say, [first base coach] Eric Young Jr. seems quite thrilled by Vargas’s hustle!” Bob Carpenter, the Nationals’ play-by-play announcer, proudly exclaimed.

Medina, once highly touted and part of the Yankees trade deal to acquire Frankie Montas, hasn’t exactly boosted the A’s prospects this year. (Fittingly, Montas has returned a similar favor to the Bombers.)

With a 3-8 record and a poor 5.31 ERA, Saturday’s incident marked a new low point for Medina and Athletics 2023 season.

Standing at 33-85, Oakland is only a mere 37 game behind the Texas Rangers in the AL West.

If you’re like me, and you love to see laziness get embarrassed, Medina’s idiotic, bone-headed stunt was the highlight of a beautiful weekend. 

What is the laziest and/or biggest-diva play you’ve ever seen?