WATCH: George Kittle Finally Puts An End To The Purdy-McCaffrey MVP Debate … But Do You Agree??

Atop the NFC, the San Francisco 49ers are riding high and looking downright unstoppable as we near the postseason.

The only drama surrounding the team these days is who deserves to win the MVP more – quarterback Brock Purdy or running back Christian McCaffrey.

Everybody has an opinion on the matter – Even legendary quarterback Tom Brady, who believes that McCaffrey is most deserving…

But what’s the feeling within the organization???

Star tight end George Kittle is one of the most outspoken players on the team, and he didn’t hesitate when asked which one of his teammates would get his MVP vote…

β€œI’d vote for Christian. If you want a best quarterback award, make a best quarterback award. Let’s keep the MVP for the most valuable player,” Kittle told Yahoo Sports.Β 


FOX Sports personality Colin Cowherd joined the chorus of praise for McCaffrey on Monday, going so far as to dub him the most talented running back in NFL history…

Backing up the praise with statistics, McCaffrey leads the NFL in rushing with 1,292 yards and 20 total touchdowns.

However, statistics don’t nearly tell the whole story when it comes to McCaffrey’s impact and importance to the Niners … In many ways, he is the straw that stirs the drink.Β 

The most admirable thing about both McCaffrey and Purdy is how unselfish they both are and how they each think the other should win MVP.Β 

What about you?

Who do you think is more deserving of the MVP – McCaffrey or Purdy?

Who is more irreplaceable?

Looking at the big picture, do you see anyone stopping the 49ers from winning the Super Bowl this season???