WATCH: Future Hall Of Famer Says The Cowboys Have NO CHANCE To Beat The 49ers Under Any Circumstance … Do You Agree??

Two of the hottest teams in all of football are the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys.

We all know how loaded the Niners are. They certainly seemed to be the best team in the entire league … But the next level beneath them includes the Boys.

It’s hard to wipe San Francisco’s recent domination over Dallas from our memories – especially after the 42-10 whooping the Niners put on America’s Team earlier this season.

But that was then, this is now … Have the Cowboys closed the gap? Are they nipping at the Niners heels?

You can count former future Hall of Famer Richard Sherman as someone who thinks the gap between the two teams remains miles apart.

Sherman even took it a step further by proclaiming that there is no way that Dallas could ever beat San Francisco, no matter what the circumstance. 

“There is no world in which the Cowboys beat the San Francisco 49ers,” Sherman said on FS1’s “Undisputed.”

“Jerry Jones knows there is no world where the Dallas Cowboys can beat the San Francisco 49ers,” he said again for good measure. 

Sherman’s confidence in the Niners superiority over the Cowboys is grounded in recent history.

The Cowboys are on a heartbreaking three-game losing streak against the San Francisco, including two straight postseason defeats and the 42-10 blowout loss earlier this season. 

While streaks eventually come to an end, Sherman remains unconvinced that the Cowboys can overcome the 49ers.

He doesn’t believe Dallas is built to outlast the Niners for 60 minutes.

Meanwhile, as we all know, San Francisco has virtually no weaknesses and are loaded with depth from top-to-bottom. 

The Cowboys will play in one of the biggest games of the entire NFL season this Sunday night when they take on the rival Philadelphia Eagles in primetime. 

With the opposite direction those two teams seem to be heading, it’s hard to imagine Dallas dropping that one at home.

However, as we look further down the line at potential playoff matchups, you know damn well the Niners will be standing tall in front of anyone who comes across their path.

What are your thoughts on Sherman’s comments?

Is he being a little too cocky?

Do the Cowboys have a prayer to beat the Niners if they are to meet again???