WATCH: Dodgers Fans Epically Troll Fernando Tatis Jr. For Cheating

Los Angeles Dodgers fans took trolling to a whole new level during their series against the San Diego Padres at Dodger Stadium.

In a clever move aimed at Padres star Fernando Tatis Jr., a group of Dodgers fans tossed an inflatable pill bottle onto the field, adorned with a bold “PED” sign.

The incident occurred early in the game, catching the attention of everyone at the ballpark. Stadium staff promptly removed the inflatable object from the field.

Of course, the trolling had to do with the 80-game suspension that Tatis Jr. received from Major League Baseball in 2022 for violating the league’s Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program.

Tatis publicly apologized following the announcement of his suspension, vehemently denying any deliberate use of performance-enhancing drugs. He claimed that the positive test resulted from inadvertently taking a medication to treat ringworm, which contained the banned substance Clostebol.

The incident is unlikely to be the last time Tatis faces such taunts.