WATCH: Despite Being Inactive, Anthony Rizzo Still Manages To Get Ejected In Yanks Crushing Loss

Two days after the New York Yankees announced that first baseman Anthony Rizzo’s season had come to a premature end due to post-concussion syndrome, the veteran slugger found himself in the headlines once again.

This time, it wasn’t his bat doing the talking, but his passionate outburst that led to his ejection from Thursday’s game against the Detroit Tigers.

In a frustrating 10-3 loss at Yankee Stadium, tensions reached a boiling point in the bottom of the third inning when highly-touted prospect Jasson Dominguez was called out on strikes by home-plate umpire Alan Porter on a pitch that appeared to be a ball.

Dominguez, visibly upset by the decision, remained in the batter’s box for several seconds, shaking his head in disbelief that he had not drawn a walk on the full-count changeup.

Dominguez then proceeded to retrieve his glove and join the Yankees defense for the upcoming inning. However, the shouting from the Yankee’ home dugout did not subside.

As the top of the fourth inning began, Porter took matters into his own hands and pointed at Rizzo, promptly ejecting him from the game.

Rizzo, who had been sidelined since August 1st due to post-concussion syndrome, found himself in a position where he couldn’t contribute with his bat and decided to voice his displeasure from the dugout.

It has been an extremely frustrating season for the Bombers who will most likely miss the playoffs for the first time since 2016 – and may end up having their first losing season in 31 years (!!!)

Looking at the big picture, what do the Yankees need to do going forward?

We know General Manager Brian Cashman will most likely be back, whether he deserves to be or not, but should they fire Aaron Boone?