Home NCAA WATCH: Deion Sanders’ Son Caught Talking Trash Before Being Sent To E.R. For “Peeing Blood”

WATCH: Deion Sanders’ Son Caught Talking Trash Before Being Sent To E.R. For “Peeing Blood”

WATCH: Deion Sanders’ Son Caught Talking Trash Before Being Sent To E.R. For “Peeing Blood”
(Credit: Associated Press)

The Colorado Buffaloes entered last Saturday as the talk of the college football world.

Little did they know, they were in for quite a rude awakening as they stepped onto the field at Autzen Stadium to take on the heavily-motivated Oregon Ducks. 

Buffs safety Shilo Sanders, son of head coach Deion Sanders, started his day by talking a whole bunch of trash to the Ducks.

He was caught on camera shouting at Oregon players: “I’ll beat the f*ck out of every one of y’all and your coach … Why y’all so little? We finna run through y’all ass.”

Needless to say, all of that trash talk, along with the overall cockiness of Colorado prompted Oregon head coach Dan Lanning to launch into a fiery pregame speech as he (successfully) attempted to fire up his Ducks. 

The end-result was a dominating 42-6 whooping in favor of Lanning’s Ducks. 

Unfortunately for Sanders, all of his trash-talking epically back-fired. Not only did he play poorly on the field, but he got beat up so badly that he was peeing blood after the game and was sent the emergency room. 

Sanders told “Well Off Media” after exiting the team’s plane on Saturday night: “I can’t say I didn’t play hard, I’m peeing blood right now.”

When asked about what happened, Sanders said: “I made a tackle and I landed on my kidney or something, bro … So I gotta go to the ER and get checked.”

Head coach Deion Sanders provided an update on his son’s condition, stating: “He’s doing better. We went to the hospital right after we landed. He’s doing much better.”

“We’re praying that he heals and he’s playing this weekend. He’s a valuable part of our secondary and our team defensively.”

“Shilo’s one of the voices on the defense, and he plays with a certain physicality that we desire and we want. He’s given me daily updates, trust me, and I’m praying that he can play as a father as well as a coach.”

Whether Shilo returns to the field this weekend or not, things will likely get ugly again for the Buffs as they are set to welcome in reigning Heisman Trophy winner Caleb Williams and the #8 USC Trojans. 

What are your thoughts on Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes?



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