WATCH: Braves Fan Inches From Beating Freeze, Proceeds To Collapse On His Face

Yesterday’s Atlanta Braves game against the Arizona Diamondbacks gave us extra excitement during the “Beat the Freeze” race when a brave fan’s bid for glory ended in a spectacular tumble.

The “Beat the Freeze” race, a beloved part of the Braves mid-inning entertainment, features a lucky fan trying to outrun The Freeze, who is none other than Jamaican track and field star Durran Dunn.

On Thursday, one enthusiastic fan was chosen to take on the challenge, and the crowd roared with anticipation as the contest began.

With a five-second head start, the fan took off confidently, maintaining a steady lead for a significant portion of the 600-feet race around the outfield track of Truist Park. The energy in the stadium was electrifying as fans cheered on the determined runner, hoping to witness a triumphant victory over the speedy professional athlete.

As the finish line approached, The Freeze, showing off his exceptional speed, began closing the gap. It seemed like an exhilarating photo finish was on the horizon, but fate had other plans.

Just a few inches from victory, disaster struck, and the fan stumbled, tumbling to the ground amidst gasps and laughter from the amused crowd.

In a hilarious yet unfortunate twist, The Freeze secured yet another win, leaving the brave fan with only dust to eat. The stadium’s jumbotron captured the exact moment of the tumble, displaying the fan’s defeated expression as he grappled with the reality of the situation.

Fellow fans joined in, capturing the mishap on their phones, ensuring the moment would be immortalized on social media, which it surely was.

In the aftermath of the amusing tumble, Major League Baseball decided to join in on the fun by sharing a slow-motion video from various angles, amplifying the comical collapse.

While the fan might have missed out on victory, he can now claim to be part of an unforgettable moment in the Braves tradition.

Despite his momentary misfortune, he provided the crowd with laughter and amusement, and his story will undoubtedly become a humorous tale he can share with friends and family for years to come.

Now, here’s the million dollar question… Can YOU beat the Freeze???