WATCH: Baseball’s Most Hated Player Anthony Rendon Takes His Disrespect Of The Sport To A Whole New Level … Worst Contract EVER??

What was thought to be the worst contract in baseball history was for all intents and purposes confirmed when $245 million third baseman Anthony Rendon admitted to reporters that baseball is “not a priority” for him. 

Rendon had already grown on the last nerve of fans (and teammates) for his lack of commitment to baseball and obvious lack of effort in rehabbing from injuries he supposedly sustained. 

Recently, he complained on the The Jack Vita Show that the MLB season was too long…

“We got to shorten the season, man. There’s too many dang games … 162 games in 185 days or whatever it is. Man. No. We gotta shorten this bad boy up. Let’s go,” Rendon said. 

Now, he’s taken it a whole step further by straight-out admitting that the sport that pays him a quarter of a billion dollars isn’t too important in his life. 

“It’s never been a top priority for me,” Rendon said of baseball. “This is a job. I do this to make a living. My faith, my family come before this job. So if those things come before it, I’m leaving.”

Despite (once) being one of the most promising players in the league, Rendon’s tenure with the Angels has been plagued by several injuries and a notable decline in performance.

Last season, as he grappled with various injuries, Rendon admitted to contemplating retirement. 

When pressed about his current mindset towards baseball, Rendon’s response indicated a stark shift from his earlier years. “My priorities have changed since I was in my early 20’s. So, definitely my perspective on baseball has been more skewed,” he confessed.

However, despite his apparent disillusionment with the game, Rendon acknowledged the importance of fulfilling his professional obligations. “Oh, it’s a priority for sure. Because it’s my job,” he remarked, emphasizing the financial aspect of his involvement in baseball.

However, there aren’t too many jobs that will pay you that type of money to miss 70% of your workdays. That’s basically what Rendon has done over the past few years. 

With just 200 games played over four seasons, Rendon’s lackluster performance has left much to be desired.

His attitude is the total opposite of his teammate Mike Trout, who like Rendon is extremely well-paid, but unlike him, Trout feels a total obligation to both the sport and his team.

Is Rendon’s contract indeed the worst in MLB history?

What do you think of his comments???