WATCH: Alex Cooper Destroys Ex-Boyfriend Noah Syndergaard With Vicious Low Blow

No one is ever going to confuse Noah Syndergaard and Alex Cooper with Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift.

However, the failed relationship of the former is back in the news.

As you may remember, back in 2017, Syndergaard (aka “THOR”) was dating “Call Her Daddy” host Alex Cooper. 

This was back when Syndergaard was a borderline ace and seemed to be well on his way to baseball stardom. He and Cooper were somewhat of an “it” couple, gracing headlines and social media feeds everywhere. 

(Credit: Charles Wenzelberg / NY Post)

Well, needless to say, it didn’t work out between the two.

Fast forward to now, Cooper felt the need to take a vicious shot at her former boyfriend.

She was discussing the topic of dating baseball players with her co-host Alix Earle, who has previously dated Oakland A’s utility player Tyler Wade.

I’m not sure how it ended between Cooper and Syndergaard, but it couldn’t have been good for Cooper to hurl this shot at him…

“It can give us a little piece of mind, Alix, for everyone sh*ting on us for our jobs, to know that people in the MLB locker rooms are forever going to be chanting our names until they f*cking retire, which I’m sure mine is on his way out,” Cooper said.

“He can’t get a f*cking contract. It’s not that I look [at the MLB news], people just send me this sh*t.”


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The remark was a low blow at the now-struggling Syndergaard, who has had a challenging few years trying to regain the form that made him a star during his time with the Mets. 

(Credit: Instagram: alexandracooper)

What do you think – low blow? Or deserved shot?

(Credit: Instagram: alexandracooper)