WATCH: Alabama’s Terrion Arnold Explains What An Ass-Chewing From Nick Saban Is Like…

Terrion Arnold, the extremely talented defensive back for the Alabama Crimson Tide, spoke candidly about a recent intense encounter he had with head coach Nick Saban.

Saban is well-known for his fiery and intense demeanor, always demanding nothing but the best from his players.Β 

In the second quarter of the Tide’s game against Mississippi State, the Bulldogs managed to close the gap, putting immense pressure on the Bama.

Arnold, who had just come off the field, couldn’t help but notice Saban’s visible frustration: “Dang boy, he looks mad,” Arnold recalled thinking as he jogged to the sideline.

Little did he know, he was the reason why Saban was so outraged.Β 

“I was like, ‘Oh, oh, oh, it’s me,'” he said.Β 

Saban’s passionate outbursts on the sideline have become a familiar sight for both players and fans alike. Throughout that game against Mississippi State, Saban had passionately voiced his concerns to several Alabama players and coaches.

As you know, the Tide ultimately won comfortably by the final score of 40-17.

Alabama running back Jase McClellan, reflecting on his own memorable encounter with Saban, recounted how he received an earful during his freshman year after mishandling a kickoff.

McClellan chuckled as he said, “He told me to ‘Kiss his … something.’ That’s one of my favorite things he’s said.”

In Arnold’s case, Saban’s frustration stemmed from a missed blitz assignment that allowed the Bulldogs to score a crucial touchdown. Arnold recalled Saban’s stern words, saying: “How many times do I have to tell you?”

The redshirt sophomore revealed that he endured Saban’s criticism until the coach stepped away to address other matters. Arnold then offered insights into the key to surviving such intense moments with Saban on the sideline.

According to Arnold, it’s crucial for players to focus on the message, not just the delivery. He emphasized the importance of asking questions and being open to learning even during Saban’s most passionate and vocal moments.

Arnold explained: “You just have to not hear how he’s saying it, but you have to hear what he’s saying.”

Arnold highlighted the significance of being coachable and embracing the unpredictable yet knowledgeable nature of Saban’s guidance.

“I feel like the relationship that I have with him, he knows that I can take coaching like that, and it’s hard coaching … When you choose to come here, you never know when he could chew you out. Like people always say, you should be worried when he’s not saying something,” Arnold wisely said.Β 

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