WATCH: Aaron Rodgers Finally Makes Decision On Return This Season & Drops Major Surprise On Future…

The dream of a miraculous Aaron Rodgers return this season is officially dead.

During his weekly spot on The Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers admitted that you won’t be seeing him don the green #8 jersey again this year. 

Besides not being fully recovered from his devastating Achilles injury, the four-time MVP said the Jets being officially eliminated from playoff contention serves as the true nail in the coffin. 

“If I was 100% today, I’d definitely be pushing to play, but the fact is, I’m not,” Rodgers said. “I’m still 14 weeks from my surgery. And being medically cleared as 100% healed is not realistic at 14 weeks.”

Speculation had surrounded Rodgers’ potential return, but he clarified that the regular season was never part of the plan. He acknowledged that a playoff appearance could have opened the door for his return.

“I think the whole time, it’s been hoping that we’re still in [the playoff race], because it was unrealistic to think that I’d be 100% medically cleared at any point in the regular season,” Rodgers explained.

He said he targeted this week’s Christmas Eve game against Washington as his ultimate return goal when he first began his rehab. 

The Jets failed to hold up their end of the bargain and were largely uncompetitive through the majority of the season … In other words, it was the “same old Jets.”

They’ve extended their painful playoff drought to 13 years – the longest in North American sports. 

The only good news for Jets fans is the fact that Rodgers said he plans to play at least two more years with Gang Green … Any thought that 2024 was going to be his final season went out the window when he tore his Achilles in the opener. 

“I don’t think next year will be my last year,” Rodgers stated, emphasizing a need for the team to “reload” rather than undergo a rebuilding phase.

“I feel like this year is kind of a lost year now that I’ve only played a couple snaps and wasn’t able to go out there and prove what I’m capable of and see what we’re capable of as a team,” he said.

“I feel like I can play more years and I can be effective into my 40’s, which is crazy. I thought that I’d probably be sitting on the couch somewhere at 40, but now I want to be a starter at 40. I want to be a starter at 41. I want to see what I can get out of this body.”

As great as Rodgers’ commitment is, many feel that the Jets have given him too much power within the organization. After all, you’d be naive to think that Rodgers won’t be making the final decision on whether head coach Robert Saleh is fired or not. 

For what it’s worth, Rodgers seems to like Saleh and routinely praises him. 

In virtually any other situation, Saleh would be a lock to be fired … But if Rodgers in sincere about wanting him to stay, you can be he won’t be going anywhere. 

What are your thoughts on the Jets mess?

What do they need to do to improve the team this offseason?

Do you think Rodgers will be able to play at an MVP level next season? … Or will we finally start to see his age a little bit???