Was There A Secret Message From Shohei Ohtani In The Porsche For Joe Kelly?

Shohei Ohtani and Joe Kelly, now both part of the Dodgers, have formed a unique bond since becoming teammates.

During the free agency period, Kelly’s wife, Ashley, actively campaigned for Ohtani to join the Dodgers, even offering to have her husband give up his No. 17 jersey for him.

To everyone’s surprise, Ohtani did indeed sign with the Dodgers, and the Kelly family honored their promise. They presented Ohtani with the No. 17 jersey and switched to No. 99.

While Joe Kelly stated that he didn’t expect anything in return for the jersey gesture, Ohtani decided to express his gratitude with a special gift. He arranged for a Porsche to be sent to the Kelly family, specifically addressed to Ashley.

Recently, during the Dodgers’ Community Tour, the Kellys proudly displayed their new Porsche at a Jack in the Box in Ontario. Observant fans on social media spotted a potential hidden message in the license plate of the car.

The license plate reads “DA39L17,” which seems to form the phrase: “Dear Ashley, thank you for 17.”

While the true creator of this license plate remains a mystery, it strongly suggests Ohtani’s thoughtful touch.

This heartfelt gesture from Ohtani shows the genuine camaraderie among Dodgers teammates, and it’s evident that he put significant consideration into this meaningful gift to the Kellys.