Wake Forest Coach Criticizes Notre Dame’s Celebration For Hartman

Wake Forest coach Dave Clawson expressed his reservations about the send-off his former quarterback, Sam Hartman, received at Notre Dame during Saturday’s game.

Although the Fighting Irish honored Hartman in his final home game, Clawson pointed out that Wake Forest had recruited and developed the quarterback over five seasons, and Notre Dame had only “dated” him for a year.

Clawson highlighted the current landscape of college football, emphasizing the concern smaller programs have about retaining top talent developed in-house.

Despite acknowledging the reality of the system, Clawson raised the issue of players leaving for more significant opportunities and money at larger schools after blossoming into stars at smaller programs.

In the case of Hartman, who transferred to Notre Dame after the 2022 season, Clawson expressed understanding and praised the quarterback’s decision to capitalize on an NIL deal, but he also emphasized the deep connection Wake Forest had with Hartman over the years.