VIDEO: Pitcher Strikes Out Batter In 20 SECONDS!

The new pitch clock in Major League Baseball has been a hot topic since the beginning of spring training.

Some love it. Some hate it.

No matter what side you fall on, it sure is going to take a whole lot of getting used to by everyone.

Some pitchers are awfully annoyed and feel rushed by it – After all, pitchers are notorious creatures of habit.

But some are using the clock to their advantage.

There’s no better example than this sequence by Yankee pitcher Wandy Peralta in yesterday’s game against the Pirates…

Peralta struck out Tucupita Marcano in 20 SECONDS!

That is likely an all-time record in a sport that has been played for a million years.

Yankee manager Aaron Boone knew Peralta would use the new pace of play rules to his advantage…

“You know what, it’s right up his alley,” Boone said after the Yankees 9-1 Grapefruit League win. “It just gives him something else to mess with.”

The clip went viral on social media and the baseball world had a very mixed reaction to the new reality of the pitch clock era…

“This is the baseball that I am here for.”

“On balance I in favor of the clock. Here’s a potential issue: pitchers have no rest between pitches. Then their offense’s half inning is also shorter. Their regular rest drops dramatically. We may never see a starter go 6 innings again.”

“I liked the pitch clock idea. Now I’m less sure. Part of hitting is mental and it’s just a bit lame to watch a player have no time to breath before seeing another pitch.”

“Pace of play being too long is not well received, and clearly it being too quick is not well received. There needs to be a good medium ground.”

“Biggest damage to the game is this clock. It’s horrible.”

“this sucks. If you don’t like baseball, don’t watch it. Nobody can focus for more than 5 seconds anymore so now we playin tik tok baseball. Goofy.”

“I think the batter should be allowed one 20 second timeout per ab when they get to 2 strikes. Allow them to step out, gather thoughts and then knuckle down. I really didn’t like this AB. Felt like it was too rushed and didn’t get a chance to see a real battle.”

“Totally OK with this. Play. They do it in little league. Do it in the bigs.”

“That’s going to be the staggering result. This gives a pitcher such a huge advantage now.”

“Oh my. He struck him out in 19 seconds. Mark Buehrle is surely impressed.”

“Ok, but now the pace of play is too quick.”

Compare Peralta to Kenley Jansen of the Braves.

Talk about night and day…