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VIDEO: Meet “Big Bubba”: The Largest Player In ALL Of Football

VIDEO: Meet “Big Bubba”: The Largest Player In ALL Of Football
(Source: Rivals Video)

Thankfully, we are only a few weeks away from the start of the college football season. 

When TCU kicks off against Deion Sanders’ Colorado Buffaloes, fans will notice a larger-than-life Horned Frog taking up a large portion of their television screen.

Meet Brione Ramsey-Brooks, the freshman offensive lineman whose sheer size has already made waves across the football world.

At 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighing in at an astonishing 455 pounds, Ramsey-Brooks is poised to make a monumental impact during his college football career.

Ramsey-Brooks, who had been listed at a mere 380 pounds during his high school days, quickly established himself as a dominant player. Displaying his raw power and surprising athleticism, he left opponents and scouts awestruck by his abilities.

Ramsey-Brooks’s remarkable talents were on full display at a prestigious football camp last year, where he faced off against some of the nation’s top talent.

Witnesses described the scene as a spectacle, with Ramsey-Brooks effortlessly tossing aside his competitors as if they were mere children.

The anticipation surrounding TCU’s season opener on September 2nd against Prime’s Buffaloes has reached a fever pitch. If Ramsey-Brooks secures a spot on the offensive line, he is all but guaranteed to become a focal point of the game’s conversation.

Reflecting on the previous season, which saw the Horned Frogs make an impressive run to the national championship game against Georgia, it’s hard not to wonder how Ramsey-Brooks’s presence might have altered the outcome. (Okay, let’s not get carried away.)

Regardless, time will tell what the best weight to play at for Ramsey-Brooks will be. He may very well shed a few pounds. But even if he does, he’ll still be a mountain of a man and an absolute beast to deal with on the field. 

Do you think Ramsey-Brooks should play at his current weight – or do you think 455 pounds is too heavy to play high-level college football?



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