College Football Could Look VERY Different Next Season

Much like MLB, college football is looking to shorten the length of their games.

There’s a list of proposed rule changes that are currently being discussed among the conference commissioners and powers that be.

ACC commissioner Jim Phillips told ESPN that all 10 FBS commissioners are on board with three key rule changes that they believe will efficiently shorten the length of games.

Changes include: #1. running the clock after a first down is gained (except in the last two minutes of either half), #2. eliminating the ability for teams to call consecutive timeouts, #3. carrying over any fouls to the next quarter instead of finishing the current quarter with an untimed down.

Phillips told ESPN: “Even if it’s at a minimal amount, it’s going to reduce the number of impact plays.. It should help with the length of the game.. I think these are noncontroversial, I really do, and I hope we’ll be able to move them through and they should be a part of the ’23 season.”

“With (playoff) expansion coming in 2024, we wanted a thorough review of options to reduce the number of plays, which is a really high priority.. It’s just the beginning, this is not the finished product. The goal is player health and safety.”

NCAA football secretary rules-editor and officials coordinator, Steve Shaw, also told ESPN that the proposed rule changes would shorten the average length of games by an estimated seven to eight minutes and around eight plays.

Games currently average 180 plays per game and a total average length of three hours, 21 minutes.

There are other proposed rule changes, but none are nearly as likely to pass as these three are…

The college football world reacted to the news on social media…

“If the point of the proposed college football rule changes is to limit the number of plays — that is, to play less football — maybe the problem is football itself.”

“Not bad proposals. What would really speed up the game, call fewer penalties…would have to rewrite some rules. Also limit time refs have on relays to 60 seconds. Those seem to be the real time suckers of late.”

“Absolutely hope they institute the running clock. This will save a lot of time and also make the game even more exciting because it will force teams to use different strategies for clock management and also use the sidelines more in the passing game at crucial time moments.”

“wow, i don’t see these making a difference at all. It seems like the last few years, they have started the play clock faster than ever (due to faster paced offenses) after a 1st down, so no diff the other 2 changes don’t even occur in a lot of other games.”

“They’ve already screwed up MLB with all of its rule changes. Now, college football games are too long? Just stop & leave it alone. If games are too long, don’t go. Don’t watch.”

“Conditioning-They miss more games now than they did in the 80 & 90s. Evolution- rule changes are made to allow guards to score more and make the game more fun. why i know they are not better. College players have never increased their scoring in 40 years.”

“The running (clock) after an incomplete pass completely changes the game of football and it’s not going to happen” – @KaneWommack Coach Wommack shared his thoughts on the proposed rule changes in college football.”