“UNPRECEDENTED”: Mac Jones Rookie Card Suffers The “Biggest Price Drop In History”

It’s no secret that times are tough for Mac Jones and the New England Patriots.

Fair or not, much of the blame for the team’s struggles has been placed squarely at the feet of Jones.

As it turns out, his stock isn’t just taking a hit on the football field … According to reports, the value of a Jones rookie card has suffered the biggest price drop in sports trading card history.

The card in question went from having a value of $3,000 to a current paltry value of just $10.50.

For you math wizards out there, that’s a staggering 99.65% price drop in just two years.

Eric Whiteback, a prominent sports card collector and expert weighed in on this unprecedented situation.

“Mac Jones’ rated rookie card was a hot commodity not too long ago, with a value of $3,000. It’s now hit an all-time low at just $10.50. This is an astounding 99.65% drop in value, making it the biggest percentage loss in sports card history,” Whiteback stated.

Needless to say, the reaction to the news on social media was both hilarious and predictable…

“Who the hell would spend $3k on a PSA 10 base rookie that wasn’t even halfway through their first season, they deserve that loss.”

“If you’re having a bad weekend just remember that someone bought a now worthless Mac Jones football card for 6 figures.”

“Anyone spending that amount on Mac Jones deserves this. No reason for that purchase.”

“Why would anyone with any knowledge at all pay 3k for that card.”

“Why would anybody at any moment spend $3k on this dude’s base rookie.”

“I sold this for around $1800 in the height of things… Laughed my way to the bank.”

“Hopefully the buyer was one of Mac’s relatives and not an investor.”

Do you think the beating Jones is taking (both on and off the field) is deserved?

Do you think he will ever be able to get his career turned around?

For you collectors out there – What’s the best sports card (or piece of memorabilia) that you own???