Tyreek Hill Blames The NFL For Fixing Games For The Chiefs, Calls Out Taylor Swift

Tyreek Hill has leveled accusations at the NFL, suggesting the league has been favoring his former team, the Kansas City Chiefs, dating back to their Super Bowl win in February.

Speaking on his podcast, ‘It Needed To Be Said,’ the Miami Dolphins receiver claimed that the Chiefs have benefited from favorable officiating that contributed to crucial victories, including their recent game against the New York Jets.

In that contest, the AFC East team appeared to be on the verge of an upset against the reigning champions until a late holding penalty was called on cornerback Sauce Gardner after an interception on a third-and-20 play. This penalty granted the Chiefs a critical first down and helped secure the win.

Hill remarked, “It was a 50/50 call, but in clutch moments, you have to let the players decide the outcome. The Chiefs, let’s be honest, they got similar breaks last year, like in the Super Bowl against the Eagles.”

In a light-hearted tone, the wide receiver also quipped that the referees might have been influenced to help the Chiefs save face due to the presence of pop star Taylor Swift at the game.

“Then they come back and get saved in the Jets game,” he continued. “Maybe it’s because Taylor Swift was in the building. I’m not sure what’s going on, but hey, whatever Kelce is doing, I know you’re helping out the NFL.”

It’s worth noting that Swift has been rumored to be dating Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and has attended their last two games.