Twitter Reactions To NFL Teams With Most Cap Space In 2023 Offseason

With only two teams left in the competition, the other 30 franchises can start to gear up for the 2023 NFL season. Aside from assessing the prospects who have declared for the draft, they will also keep an eye on free agents that can bolster their winning hopes.

Monitoring their salary spending is important because the NFL operates on a hard cap wherein no team can spend above the specified ceiling. For 2023, the salary cap is $224.8 million, but teams with surplus cap money from 2022 can carry it over to 2023. Pro Football Focus reveals the ten teams with the most cap space for the 2023 off-season.

The Twitterverse fired their thoughts regarding this update.

“I’m very interested to see what the Falcons do this off-season. Going into year 3 of the Arthur Smith era, two very mediocre seasons yet impressive over-performance… What is the direction of this franchise?” Nico from TikTok’s Elite Takes said.

“32.5 million I swear we better use it right no hat,” said NBA 2K professional player and New England Patriots fan Tifeworld.

“Bengals can spend on FA for 1 more year with this group, then its gonna be rough” former NFL defensive end Matt Finkes said.

Meanwhile, Twitch personality Jo De Mayne tweeted a crying emoji.

The Chicago Bears top the list with a massive $92 million cap space. The Atlanta Falcons are second at $56.6 million, and the New York Giants are third at $44.9 million. The Cincinnati Bengals ($43.9 million) and the Houston Texans ($39.5 million) complete the top five.

Round up the top ten are the Patriots ($32.5 million), the Seattle Seahawks ($31 million), the Baltimore Ravens ($26.8 million), the Los Angeles Raiders ($20.1 million), and the San Francisco 49ers ($16.3 million).